Master Service List

The Master Service List sets forth all parties that must be notified of any filing in the Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company Commonwealth Court actions. Click on the link below to read the master service list for Penn Treaty.

Master Service List -- PTNA

About Rehabilitation

Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company is currently in Rehabilitation

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania placed Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company and American Network Insurance Company into rehabilitation effective January 6, 2009 appointing the Pennsylvania Insurance Department as the rehabilitator.


What does rehabilitation mean for policyholders?

You should not notice a difference in how your policies and claims are serviced. The benefit payment process remains the same. Your coverage remains in place as long as you continue to pay premiums as they become due.


Follow the links below to learn more about the rehabilitation process:

Information about Penn Treaty Network America's rehabilitation is also available on the Pennsylvania Insurance Department website.

Rehabilitation Announcements

June 12, 2014:

As we have previously communicated, in April 2013, the Rehabilitator filed proposed Rehabilitation Plans for Penn Treaty and American Network with the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. In July 2013, a summary of the proposed Rehabilitation Plan was mailed to each policyholder along with directions for accessing the full Plan on the Company website.


Policyholders and other interested parties had the opportunity to submit comments concerning those Plans by August 2013.  The comments submitted regarding the Plans were generally unfavorable. 


In September 2013, the Court directed the Rehabilitator, a newly formed Policyholders Committee, and other interested parties to meet regularly to discuss the proposed Rehabilitation Plans. The other interested parties include representatives of Penn Treaty American Corporation (the parent company), agents, investors, guaranty associations, and several health insurers.


As a result of these meetings with the multiple parties, discussions with the Court, and the comments received, the Rehabilitator is planning to propose amended Rehabilitation Plans.  The Rehabilitator currently anticipates filing the amended Plans in August 2014. 


The details of those Plans are still being developed, but the Rehabilitator expects that they will provide policyholders with a choice to be placed into either “Company A” or “Company B,” based on whether the policies are adequately priced to support their currently projected benefits.


The Rehabilitator and company actuaries would identify policies that are adequately priced and place them in Company A.  Policyholders whose policies are not adequately priced would have the option to reduce their policy benefits and/or increase their premium to become adequately priced and to be placed in Company A.  Company A would remain in rehabilitation with the possibility of being sold. 


All inadequately priced Penn Treaty and American Network policies would be placed in Company B, which the Rehabilitator would ask the Court to place into liquidation, thereby triggering guaranty fund coverage for those policyholders. Company B policies would be subject to guaranty fund coverage limits, although some portion of claims over those limits may be funded to the extent of available assets. 


It is likely that every policyholder will have the option of having his or her policy placed in either Company A or Company B regardless of the adequacy of pricing, although a policyholder may have to accept policy modifications and/or rate increases in order to have his/her policy placed in Company A. It has not been determined which of Penn Treaty and American Network will be Company A and which will be Company B. 


This update describes a proposed Rehabilitation Plan amendment.  The company and our Call Center representatives do not have any additional information at this time. Policyholders and other interested parties will be notified of the details of the proposed amendment when the amended Rehabilitation Plans are filed with the Court, and will be provided the opportunity to submit comments to the Court and the Rehabilitator similar to the previous process last year. 


The Court will ultimately decide whether to approve, disapprove or modify and approve any proposed Plans. Updates and court documents are posted at